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Managing Exits from Armed Conflict (MEAC)

The Managing Exits from Armed Conflict (MEAC) project is developing a unified and rigorous methodology to assess the impact of interventions that support exits from armed conflict and a vision of what "success" in these transitions looks like at the United Nations. In 2020, MEAC began piloting its quantitative and qualitative data collection tools in several case studies including Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Iraq and Colombia. At a tactical level, MEAC's pilot studies will collect data that allow the people implementing these interventions on the ground to adjust their programs in real time to improve their effectiveness and support their beneficiaries, as well as allocate resources more efficiently. At a strategic level, the common evidence base generated by MEAC will help policy practitioners create more effective policies. Ultimately, with a better understanding of conflict exits, the international community will be able to interrupt cycles of conflict and promote sustainable peace.

Read our reports on Colombia, Nigeria and other case studies here.

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